My Morning Routine For Laser Focus, Killer Productivity And Positive Vibes

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A good morning routine is one that helps you feel refreshed, motivated and incredibly focused in order to get shit done.

My teen years were a walk in the park. It was easy for me to snap myself together and sing my way to school.

Things changed once I finished college and threw myself into the online world. Staring at a computer screen all day does real damage to the body and every night stretches on and on.

Face it, the internet never sleeps.

If you're not constantly running, you'll be left behind. To be honest, I feel cheated when people talk about blogging and online entrepreneurship as an easy means to make passive income.

If you're naive and not careful, quitting your day job to start an online business can turn into a day AND night job.

So, with all that wariness behind me and a thirst for results, I've figured a morning routine that allows me to get a huge chunk of work done early in the morning so I'm free in the afternoon.

What Are The Characteristics Of A Good Morning Routine

It's all about feeling good.

No matter how good or bad yesterday was, how superbly or poorly you performed and what stresses you had yesterday, today is a brand new day with the chance to be outstanding.

A good morning routine emphasizes that point. It consists of a group of daily actions that are intended to make you feel happy and prepared for the day ahead.

It can be simple or complex, easy or difficult and long or short.

Whatever the case may be, it should be perfectly crafted for YOU!

I'm all about health, wellness, focus and productivity. I currently work from home so it's difficult for me to live a structured life unless. I have to be incredibly disciplined to make the right choices every single day.

Luckily, my morning routine puts me in the right headspace for success and productivity.

Here's something to keep in mind - Craft your morning routine to fit your goals for the day. Personally, writing articles for clients, book work and blog posts are my priority every single day.

I'll probably publish my night time routine in the upcoming week because a few of the habits carry over to the morning.

My Morning Routine For Laser Focus, Killer Productivity And Positive Vibes

my productive morning routine, morning routine for productivity, morning routine tips, tips for a productive morning, routine that promotes productivity
I get at up between 7 - 8 am: Any earlier and I'm a walking-talking zombie who can't do anything worthwhile. I should probably stop sleeping after midnight!

Going over my To-Do list: The fresh reminder of work piling up is the best wake-up call you can get.

Straight after stretching and washing up, browsing my list of important tasks helps me shift up a gear or two.

Water and Green Tea: For the last 2 years, I've stopped eating breakfast.

At first, I skipped breakfast due to intermittent fasting but when I realized how sluggish and upset I felt eating in the morning, the only thing worth consuming is 2 glasses of fresh water followed by a cup of green tea.

I don't think I need to explain the effects of adequate hydration, now do I? Green tea is packed with antioxidants and is incredibly soothing. Also, the light dose of caffeine helps.

Vitamins and Supplements: Because I work out hard, my body thrives on the extra vitamins and supplements I feed it.

I take a simple multivitamin with a serving of L-glutamine or pea protein powder every alternate day.

10 Pages of Self-Development Reading: Now that my body is fed, it's time to feed my brain. The information you absorb early in the day programs the way you think for the rest of the day.

With that being said, spending 15 minutes reading something on productivity, success, entrepreneurship, and self-development promotes the kind of motivational thoughts I need for a great day.

5 Minutes Of Exercise: Anything from yoga to push-ups, 5 minutes of exercise is enough to speed up blood flow and elevate your breathing.

Usually, this is enough to eradicate any laziness or stiffness from my body.

5 Minutes Of Guided Meditation: Just before engaging myself in rigorous work, a few minutes of intentional and guided meditation sorts through my hazy and clustered thoughts with the end result being clarity.

Mental clarity is a weapon of mass destruction. Always remember, a clear mind is one susceptible to growth, new experiences and focus.

Get the Headspace app and practice meditation for just 5 minutes before working, it will make a world of a difference to your day.

That's it! 

What's Your Morning Routine? 

Use the comment section below to share some of your morning habits! I'm more than eager to try new things that are beneficial for my mind and body!

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