15 Marketing Habits Every Entrepreneur Should Practice

For so long, I put off marketing. Don't ask me why but the idea of promoting myself kind of irked me. But, low and behold, I've spent the last couple of years learning and mastering as much marketing habits as I possibly could.

An important lesson I learned about marketing is that it's fruitless if the product or service sucks. Creating something special and qualitative is a prerequisite to marketing. Get that right before you even think about getting people to pay you money.

With that being said, I put together a list of 15 marketing habits I practice daily to help improve my marketing skills as well as bring about better results for work I believe is qualitative.

1. Promote Your Brand Daily

KFC is a billion dollar franchise and yet you'll find their ads on TV, online and even on billboards. If wildly successful companies are constantly force feeding their message down our throats, why aren't we working just as hard to promote ourselves?

I don't necessarily believe paid advertisement is the only way to get our names out there because I've seen quite a few bloggers and writer's online recently who have grown exponentially by using social networking sites daily.

They're just blasting content out, reaching out to influencers, connecting with people and adding value to their niche.

You have to be actively interested in creating a buzz around your name and embracing attention. I used to find it uncomfortable until I realized how much time and effort was being wasted by working in the shadows and hoping for my hard work alone to bring in the results.

Make it a rule to engage in social networking sites at least 15 minutes daily. 

2. Make A List Of 10 Creative Ideas Daily

Just sit down for few minutes in the morning or night, get a notepad and make a list of creative ideas for growth and success.

The point of this task is to develop a habit of thinking out of the box. Forget about logistics and complicated excuses. I want you to simply think as creatively as you can and write down your ideas.

Don't worry about whether or not your ideas seem far fetched. One day, when all the chips fall into place, you'd be surprised at how an idea that seemed beyond your ability can come to fruition.

By not writing down ideas regularly, you're missing out on exploiting opportunities that will come your way in the future.

Just imagine if you do this and one day, the chance to grasp at huge growth presents itself. You'd be there, standing tall, ready to take on the world!

3. Use Social Media Accounts To Post Insightful Advice For Your Clients

My mother always says, "the more you give, the more you get." She lives by this motto and I genuinely admire it. Not because of all the things she has acquired in life but how appreciative she is.

You see, a common problem with entrepreneurs and businesses who start out is overcoming unfounded greed.

Thinking about what you can get feels good but when it comes to working hard and hustling, it somehow sabotages you.

This has been my experience starting out online but as I adopted my mother's motto, things changed.

I gave a hell of a lot to people for free and in turn, people supported my paid work and I gained stuff which made a difference in my life.

Use those social networking accounts and pages to give back to people. Teach them stuff and continue the conversation on these pages. Experiences have taught me how wonderfully easy it is to build a loyal client base by simply engaging people with valuable insight.
The social networking site that I prefer is Pinterest. It's perfect for bloggers and the content that goes viral is usually TOP NOTCH! My sister and I spend at minimum an hour on Pinterest and the results we've gotten to our sites have been outstanding! 

4. Blog Regularly

Who doesn't have a blog, right?

If you don't, it's time to jump on the bandwagon and add a blog to your business. Obviously, it's another way of giving back to your readers and attracting new readers via search engines.

Think of it in this way - If you want to look and appear professional, you have a better chance of building authority with a beautiful blog than some sloppy one-page web page built in the early 2000's.

Reel it in, though. Keep your content laser focused and encourage conversion. Always keep that in the back of your mind.

5. Build An Email Newsletter

Now that you have a blog and readers, it's a good time to convert them into email subscribers who you can directly interact with.

Emails will probably never die. It's private and intimate. Conversion rates are fantastic as well. Here's what you can do to get more email subscribers:

  • Add Email Subscribe Forms In Your Posts And Your Blog
  • Use Hello Bar As I Have On This Blog
  • Give Away A Free eBook, Program or Skype Session
  • Add A Membership Program To Your Site

Relevant and valuable incentives to subscribe work like magic. It all depends on the kind of audience you are targeting and what they truly want.

For example, an eBook on losing 10 pounds in 10 days would attract people interested in losing weight like crazy.

6. Study New Techniques For Monetization

Money makes the world go round, right? What I love about the time we live in is the ever evolving means of making money.

15 years ago nobody would have guessed that anyone from around the world would be able to make a living from App development, selling ad space on personal blogs, becoming a celebrity on a video sharing site and so forth.

Yet, here we are!

Keep ahead of the curve. Seek out new and innovative methods of making money and learn as much about them as you possibly can. This is a valuable habit that will serve you for all of time.

7. Study New Website Optimization Tips

5 years ago, clean and simple blog templates with earthy colors were the in thing. Today, big bold headlines, contrasting colors with insane widgets and gadgets have taken over the web.

Super fast websites improve search rankings, pop-up forms encourage conversion rates and infinite scroll provides a never ending supply of content for readers.

Again, just like the above habit, tweak and optimize your website by studying big time bloggers. Think less about what they say and focus more on what they do!

8. Provide Stellar Customer Service On A Controlled Platform

Customers feel inclined to express their dissatisfaction with poor customer service because they have a generally high expectancy that customer service should ALWAYS be, at the very least, good.

When you encounter companies who go above and beyond to please customers, even before they get the opportunity to complain, people feel important and share this feeling with other customers. I've seen products on Amazon skyrocket in sales simply because of great customer service.

Be available, adopt a helpful attitude and accommodate your customers. Nobody is doing anyone a favor in business transactions. You have a responsibility to put your best step forward each and every time. Please keep that in mind :)

9. Get Interviewed On Blogs, Videos And Podcasts

You'll never get a better opportunity to market yourself, answer questions that could entice people to follow you and deliver more information on your business or product to potential customers than by conducting interviews.

It's superb. I always find myself listening to podcasts by Sidehustlenation or Smart Passive Income because I learn so much about other businesses and what they can offer me.

If you have a story that can be shared, reach out to interviewers and give them a reason to interview you. Focus more on what their audience has to gain than what you get. Use results, obstacles overcome and lessons learned to start a conversation.

10. Network With Other Businesses Through Outreach

Pursuing a path online can be lonely.

Often, I feel rather detached and isolated from people in real life because most of my efforts at communication and connections are directed at the blogosphere.

Even then, it takes a backseat because there's so much you could be doing than talking to people. But, it doesn't change the fact that connecting with other businesses and helping each other is more beneficial to your business and happiness in the long run.

Behind every sale, rivalry or traffic spike are human beings! At the very least, think of them as people and try to build some sort of relationship. 

No matter what business you have, consider longevity as a factor worth pursuing. You'll do much better in business and life by sharing a good relationship with people rather than being isolated.

11. Offer A Premium Freebie To Clients And Fans

People will forever love freebies! It's not something that will go out of fashion but that's not to say that people haven't become picky.

Take blogging, for instance, a few years ago, the bloggers giving away free books or products were getting ridiculous conversion rates and email subscribers on a daily basis. That number has drastically dropped over the years and people aren't as willing to subscribe for a 'freebie' as they used to be.

Here's why - Many people look for a short term wins and sacrifice quality in exchange for it. I've seen countless people slap together a cheap freebie with a promising title that results in disappointment.We can't put the blame on customers and leads when it's other entrepreneurs who are burning bridges of trust with crap.

Just because people like freebies doesn't mean their radar for high-quality goods switches off. That sensitivity is always present. Here's what I think needs to be changed -  presentation.

Make an effort to giveaway valuable content and package it classily. Take eBooks for instance, rather than giveaway a short guide you wrote on Word, design a catchy and creative PDF that looks outstanding instead.

12. Create And Manage A Facebook Group

I realize that the norm is to create a page but when it comes to high conversion rates, rapport and building a loyal customer base, a facebook group appears to be far more effective.

Think about whether your business can be expanded to an international audience or if it's centralized in a specific place. A Facebook group targeting people in your businesses vicinity seems more logical to me than a Facebook page targeting the world at large.

Just the idea that you have complete control over the group and the way notifications appear more visible to members of the group works for me. The choice is yours. Just weigh the pros and cons of a page and a group before choosing.

13. Always Ask For Referrals

As a customer, who are you more likely to acknowledge, the business owner biasedly blowing his own trumpet or a fellow customer, like yourself, who refers and recommends a business?

The latter! People trust people they can relate too. You already know this. Which is why a practice of encouraging your customers and supporters to leave a referral or review of your business could drastically improve your business.

More so than sales and benefits, reviews hold business owners and employees accountable. If you're not maintaining a certain standard, reviews from customers will reflect that reality and it may just be the wake-up call you need.

14. Compile Feedback From Customers

Expanding from the last point, customer feedback is an essential tool for growth. Give the people what they want. The customer is never wrong. All these famous quotes are more for you as a business owner than customers.

You should be compiling as much feedback and research from customers to establish characteristics of your business that needs improvement and characteristics that are simply outstanding.

It's not easy taking criticism, people's feelings get hurt but it's not personal unless you make it personal. In business, your job is to make customers feel anything but disappointment, anger or embarrassment.

Get as much feedback as you can on both the positives and negatives. 

15. Research Trends And New Developments

At the end of the day, you're only as good as people believe you to be. Nobody is going to believe that you are ahead of the curve just because you say so.

Facts, referrals and visible marketing proof is all you have to cement your business as number 1. Tell me, can you market something if you have absolutely no idea of its existence? Hell no!

Can you implement tactics, marketing or not, that are new and yield high results without even knowing about it? Hell no!

It's definitely not going to fall into your lap or magically appear. Trends and developments require chasing. Have eyes on your competitors and news sites that offer new insights. Watch the space, make predictions and use your 10 daily creative ideas to pick out innovative techniques of marketing that could work tomorrow and the next day and the day after that.

If you stay plugged in, you'll never be left behind.

Skip catching up by simply being present when new developments drop. Be one of the first, if not the first, to pounce on new ideas and trends.

Let's Hear About What You Practice

I'm genuinely interested in what marketing habits you practice daily to get epic results! Just pop a comment below and I'll owe you one ;)

I hope you found this article to be insightful. If so, share it with your buddies and pals!

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