5 Blogging Myths That Will Screw Up Your Chances Of Making Money Online

For 6 long years, I have dreamt of being a successful blogger. Writing that makes me feel disheartened at all the blogging choices I've made over those years because I could have realized that dream multiple times had I known the truth.

You see, much like you and many new bloggers who enter the blogosphere with a dream of building a huge blog, I believed it to be an 'EASY' way to make money.

It's not easy.

Allow me to share the blogging myths that screwed up my chances of making money online for a few years until I woke the hell up and realized the truth.

Pay careful attention to this post, print it out or chant the headlines like a mantra because it could literally save you time, energy and money.

Blogging Myth #1: You Can Earn A Full-Time Income From Blogging With Just A Few Hours Of Work A Week.

It sounds AMAZING! Heck, it sounds too good to be true. And guess what, it's untrue. Anyone who makes you believe that myth is lying to you. They're the same people who put in a ridiculous amount of effort to be successful.

99% of the time, building a blog that earns you a substantial amount of money requires as much, if not more, hours of dedicated work every single day.

It's hard. But, it's worth it!

The same myth exists in the world of Kindle Publishing. People are throwing together 10-page leaflets on the benefits of jojoba oil and selling it for $2.99 on Amazon hoping to make thousands of dollars every month.

It doesn't work.

From personal experience, you need at least an hour every day (minimum) for creating content and at least an hour or more on marketing your content. This is just to complete the bare minimum!

I can't fathom how someone can be ahead of the game by putting in just 2 hours a week of blogging. It just doesn't seem realistic.

Blogging Myth #2: Keyword Research Is The Most Important Part Of Blogging

It's important up to a point. Just because we can find low competitive keywords doesn't mean it's worth chasing after or that you will rank for it.

Look, keywords matter when you have a solid foundation of what people in your niche really want. Until then, figure out what kind of content will interest readers in your niche.

Content, in my opinion, will always be the most important part of blogging. Take a look at Pinterest, it's a social networking site built predominantly around images and yet content-driven and themed images always perform superbly for bloggers.

Improve your content ideas so that keyword research becomes a natural and simple addition to your blogging strategy.

Blogging Myth #3: Write As If Your Readers Are Dumb

There's a huge difference between breaking down complex ideas into its simplest form and treating your readers like they are 2-year-olds (yikes).

Treat them like babies and they'll lose interest in you as quickly as babies do. Treat them properly and they'll stick around.

Just be comfortable with who you are as a blogger. You don't have to sound like a scientist or a middle school teacher. Find your voice and deliver content that would excite readers as much as it would excite you.

Look, we're human and I understand how desperation or lust for money can overpower our sense of giving. But, at the end of the day, readers are human beings and they deserve to be respected. Give them more than they even expect.

Generosity is usually reciprocated.

Blogging Myth #4: You Can Do It Just To Earn Money

Perhaps for some people, this could be true. I was hesitant for including this as part of this post but to me, I feel like it's a myth because I haven't spoken to anyone who has succeeded at blogging by just thinking of it as a means to an end.

Usually, those individuals have enough money to hire people who love the niche of the blog so they view the blog as more than just a tool to make money.

And that's where I'm heading with this point - blog with an intention to achieve something within your niche.

In the health and fitness niche, you could be sharing your techniques and tips for improving your own health which people can draw inspiration from. It's benefiting your life in more than one way as it does for others.

Blogging is a relationship which requires commitment. Find a reason to love blogging apart from money so that you don't give up when it dawns on you that this isn't 'EASY'.

Blogging Myth #5: Just Do What Other Bloggers Are Doing To Succeed

What if everything they're doing is wrong? Awhile back, people were starting blogs based on exact match domains to rank easily for keywords.

For a short time, it worked well. Until suddenly, Google released an algorithm update that destroyed this blogging technique.

Originality helps you stand out from a crowded niche and authority keeps you relevant for longer.

I tried most of these techniques and lost more time than the money gained. I simply wish that my knowledge on longevity was as insightful as it is now.

My point is this - try new things, implement strategies that are working for other bloggers but don't just follow along with everything naively.

Weigh everything against your long term plan and ask yourself a simple question, will this help my blog grow bigger as time goes by or can it do damage?

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