Something That Will Ruin Your Chances Of Being A Successful Writer

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When I started writing full time in 2011, the only thing I focused on was having fun. Finally, after finishing school, I had the opportunity to write because I wanted too. That was by far one of the best times I've ever had as a writer.

But, I'm not oblivious to novelty. Over time, anything and everything lose's part of that novel new feeling it once had.

That's life.

You either develop a deeper long-term love for it or just phase it out of your life and replace it with something else.

For this reason alone, many people get infected with Shiny Object Syndrome and jump from idea to idea (been there, done that, hated it).

I want to share an important lesson with you and I hope you take heed to it. This applies not only to writers but to anyone in general, don't try to make everyone happy.

You can't.

It's just not possible. You can't write a book that will make everyone happy or impressed. There's some people in the world who hate Harry Potter and find Lord Of The Rings to be boring.

Shakespeare, one of the most prolific writers in history, till this day his work is studied and yet you'll find many people who find his work boring or not to their taste.

Instead of burning yourself out with the overwhelming unlikeliness of pleasing everyone, the smarter thing to do is find a niche or target audience that will absolutely love and support everything you do. You could excel at one or two genres or be standard at a bunch of things.

The option is yours but I truly believe that by focusing your attention on establishing authority in a specific niche and with a specific crowd would be a better use of your time and effort.

Mass fame or unanimous praise sounds appealing and shiny but it may not be the best thing for you. When it comes to me, in the world of non-fiction, I prefer to focus my attention on people who are interested in writing and habit-formation.

In fiction, I prefer writing young adult dark fantasy books. These 2 niches allow me to learn, grow and excel at something I absolutely love.

Try to make yourself happy as well. Yes, the world of writing is all about giving to people but don't neglect your happiness and fulfillment.

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