Why Most Writers And Bloggers Fail (And How You Can Succeed)

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There comes a point in life when everyone discovers that failure is inevitable. Running from it is pointless and giving into it can be crushing.

When it does occur, most of us are never prepared for it. The thing about failure is that it can be a stepping stone for greater achievements if channeled correctly.

Something I noticed amongst new writers and bloggers is how easily they accept defeat. They start their journey with the hopes and dreams of any normal person. The thought of making loads of money or being a bestselling author is ridiculously motivating.

I actually encourage people to use that external motivation to get started but the problem most of us encounter is that external motivation is fleeting. Powerful? Yes! It most certainly is. It gets most new year resolutioners into the gym for the first week or so.

But, once the work begins and results don't magically appear, the busy gym quickly empties out. Then, the only people who remain are the ones who go on to hitting those goals and resolutions.

The exact same thing occurs in the blogging and writing world. Tons of people with loads of talent start writing or blogging with enthusiasm and excitement. When their work doesn't go viral or if it doesn't turn out the way they hoped it would, these people quit.

The sad truth is that most writers and bloggers inflict failure upon themselves. How? Well, it all comes down to expectations and discipline.

No amount of motivation can make up for a lack of daily discipline. Most results, especially as a writer and blogger, can only come to fruition through daily work. Furthermore, the expectation of it being difficult or taking time and having to work hard every day is a reality we seem to try and evade.

What I'm simply getting at is this - Adjust your mindset

So what if it requires you to start from the absolute bottom? Amazing success stories often start in the exact same way.

Use as much external motivation as you need to get started but search for inner resolve to keep going when it inevitably dawns on you that achieving your goal of money and bestselling status is going to take time, effort and commitment.

You will have to be disciplined and sacrifices will become a part of your life. If, however, you choose to embrace this attitude and mindset, when everyone else succumbs to reality and failure, you will work passed it and reach a state of success.

That external motivation may even become a reality and at that moment, you will have no one to thank for that success but yourself.

With all that being said, the ones who show up and put in the work to put it out into the world daily will succeed. Whether it's blogging or publishing a book, write as much as you can every chance you get.

Don't shy away from the work and you'll place yourself in a favorable position.

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