5 Ways To Freaking Easily Write An Epic Blog Post

I hate nothing more than stumbling on a blog with great headlines followed by shitty content.

It sucks and feels like a cheap rip off. You can usually tell the difference between valuable worthwhile content and cheap SEO knock-off content within the first paragraph.

No matter what tactic you implement throughout your blogging or writing career, remember one simple fact - Crap content will damage your reputation.

When you set out to do something, put your best foot forward and try to create something meaningful and qualitative. It doesn't have to be a behemoth sized article with expensive graphics! All you truly have to deliver is quality content.

Here's the kicker - regardless of length and appearance, people desire quick results. If you, whether brand new or an established blogger, provide the solution, result or answer to a question burning a mighty hole in your reader's hungry mind, they will ADORE you!

I know, it's ridiculous! Over the last year, I spent months creating long form content under the assumption that it's the only way to succeed online. Guess what, it's not! What's worse than creating cheap SEO content? Creating long form content that wastes people's time!

In my opinion, the only time you should consider publishing long form content is if you have a hell of a lot of points to share with people.

Gone are the days when bloggers and writers could solicit emails and money out of people who desire help with nonsense. They'll move onto the next website (especially if it's an answer to a problem that has been answered like crazy already).

Okay, now that I've got that rant out of my system, let's move on to the positively shiny side of this article, ways in which you can freaking easily write a deliciously epic blog post (wow, this might be the first time anyone has described a blog post as delicious).

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  1. Give an immediate answer. 
  2. Write your first draft, then, delete all the fluff from it.
  3. Stop acting like a God Damn Robot. Write the way you speak. Be a human being. 
  4. Elaborate on the good points.
  5. Offer more than what readers expect with content upgrades.
Let's get into the nitty gritty.

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1. Give An Immediate Answer

In the world of news reporting, all stories start with the end result and then break down the situation into finer details.

Most people prefer this form of reporting because they can simply glance through the headlines and first paragraph for the answer to their questions.

Usually, people read on because they develop a curiosity for how the end result was achieved in extensive detail.

Use the title of your post as the perfect hook to catch more readers and visitors. Be creative and work on a badass headline. If it doesn't interest YOU, it certainly won't interest anyone else.

2. Write Your First Draft, Then, Delete All The Fluff From It

After 6 years of writing full-time, I've learned one important lesson -The first draft sucks 99% of the time.

No matter how good or bad you are at writing, the first draft of any article requires work. You would be surprised at how much work goes into writing an article that is full of substance from start to finish.

For this reason, I tend to write an article in the morning and set it aside. After a few hours have passed, I sit down and read my completed draft. At that point, I'm less annoyed or tired so I won't rush the process.

I'll look for mistakes and chunks of content that can be considered as filler junk. If it doesn't expand on an important point or offer a crucial opinion, get rid of it.

3. Stop Acting Like A God Damn Robot. Write The Way You Speak. 

Do you recall how bored you felt during a class in school where the teacher just babbled on and on from a textbook? I do! Most of my Bio lessons were filled with daydreams of girls and cars (how typical of me).

In (even) simpler words, be a human being.

Why? Well, for the sake of relatability and entertainment. In a time when 99% of bloggers are obsessed with writing for Google, the 1% of successful bloggers are placing more emphasis on readers being happy, informed and entertained.

Write for people and eventually, Google will place you ahead of everyone else. Also, when marketing on social networking sites, it's easier to attract more visitors and readers with content and headlines that they can relate to rather than a piece of robotic crap.

Show people who you are through the use of words. I suggest using your phone's recorder to talk your ideas and then transcribe it into the text as a start.

4. Elaborate On The Good Points

I feel like this point is pretty self-explanatory but I can't help but elaborate on the good points if you know what I mean!

See here's the thing, readers return to blogs and websites that have a lot of valuable insights to offer. When you come across a niche that you can master and people resonate with, it's the perfect opportunity to write more content on that niche.

Similarly, when you hit on a specific topic or point that people absolutely love, run with it. Give people more of what they want and they'll return.

They always do.

On a side note, something that every single blog post can benefit from is a summary of the most pivotal points in the form of a list as I have done above!

5. Offer More Than  What Readers Expect With Content Upgrades.

Do you want to take your blog post to the next level? Do you want to increase email subscriptions or general conversion rates? Of course, you do! 

Content upgrades are basically free add-ons people simply cannot resist. Recently I was shopping online for a new phone and when purchasing, I was propositioned with a Bluetooth headset as an additional add on at half the price.

Guess what? I now own a new phone WITH a new Bluetooth headset.

Just like me, when readers reach the end of your post, they are usually incredibly open to engagement. Put a specific 'free' content upgrade relevant to the topic they just read in front of such readers and watch how they snatch it up! 

It's human nature to want more of what we like.

With that being said, do you see the subscribe form on your right with my (handsome, handsome, handsome) face on it, yeah, go ahead, subscribe to it and I'll send you my personal list of 50 ways to write better blog posts in the form of a compact eBook! (Yes, I'm being dead serious)

Your Turn

Now that you have a good list of ways to write epic blog posts, why don't you get cracking right away and share your blog posts in the comment section below! I'd love to check it out and give share my opinion with you! :) 

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  1. Hello Zak,

    I am really impressed with this post. I agree that bloggers should concentrate on Blog post Quality and what readers are interested in and not worry about SEO or ranking atleast initially.

    On a different note, you have good quality articles and your blog has potential to grow. Then why are you on Blogspot rather than wordpress?

    1. Hey Srinivas,

      I appreciate the kind words :)
      The reason that this blog is on Blogspot rather than wordpress comes down to a personal experiment.

      I've worked extensively on Wordpress, currently have blogs on it but I want to show people who are starting off online that at the end of the day, the content management system is not as important as quality content and proper marketing skills.

      It is possible to build to a successful blog on Blogspot/Blogger with only an investment of a few dollars for a domain name. Over 2017, I will prove that by making this blog big.

    2. Awesome Zak, I like your Spirit :-) .I believe you will prove it one day.

      Many bloggers have a fear of Google locking out there blog without notice because of violating their Policies. And another factor that I hear often is limited Affiliated Marketing opportunities and buy or sell private adds from Direct advertisers.

      So if you can let the blogger world know how to overcome these. I think your mission will be accomplished.

      Best of Luck :-)