3 Free And Easy Ways To Promote Your Blog

You and I both know that more traffic equals more subscribers, engagement, and money. But, what isn't necessarily true is the idea that the best source of traffic is from organic searches. I love Google as much as the next guy but in my experience, it is better to be in control of your own success than to rely on any search engine.

It's fairly simple to promote a blog. Simply put relevant content in front of your target audience. Take note that I was not talking about EVERYONE. You have to focus on a target audience.

A simple truth of life is that you can't make everyone happy and you don't need to. The only people you should focus your time and energy towards is the group of people who appreciate the information and service you have to offer.
By experience, I've learned another important lesson about blogging - It works if you solve specific problems.

Find your target audience, put relevant information in front of them and make an effort to solve their problems.

Do that and most of the battle is won. With that being said, let's go over my blog promotion techniques.

3 Free And Easy Ways To Promote Your Blog

1. Target Forums, Q&A Sites and Group Boards

Do you know what's common in all user based websites? Problems. People post about their problems and seek help.

If you happen to be on these forums or question and answer sites with the intention of relating valuable information, you can reach people who would be more inclined to visit your blog and subscribe.

Just take a look at some of the stats for answers submitted by users on Quora and Reddit! You'll be blown away.

What's required on your part is value. The more valuable and insightful your responses are to questions, the higher your chances are of attracting like-minded people to your blog.

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2. Convert Your Written Content Into Youtube Videos

I'd be a fool to deny the incredible growth of visual media over the last 5 years. It doesn't look anywhere close to slowing down and YouTube will continue to be the number 1 site for video creators.

More ordinary folks like you and I are transitioning to Youtube without having to step too far out of out comfort zones.

You don't need a viral channel to attract a good amount of people to your blog. I suggest converting your written articles into videos and linking back to your site for a more in-depth written piece or a giveaway.

The videos you create can be anything from a Vlog to a strictly text based clip. The only factor to consider is whether or not the quality of your video promotes or damages your brand value. Put high quality out into the world and it will serve you well when people take notice.

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3. Create In-depth Solutions For Problems On Social Networking Groups And Pages 

Wanna bet that if I asked you when last you've been on a social networking site, you won't be able to say it's been longer than a day?

None of us can go for long periods at a time without social networking sites. Yes, there's a bunch of empty vessels making a lot of noise but you don't have to be one of them.

Rather than fold to the norm, why don't you write problem-solving content that stretches for multiple paragraphs on social networking sites?

While everyone else is merely spamming people with links, stand out by being a content-provider on these platforms.

Watch as your profile or page generates more attention. Don't be afraid of giving away too much on these sites on the assumption that people won't want to visit your blog. That is simply untrue. Great content always sparks curiosity and attention.

You could write an entire book on these social networking sites and people will still click through to your blog.

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Why Will These Techniques Work?

I believe that the defining factor between those who succeed and those who watch people succeed boils down to immediate action.

So many of us are in search of a mentor and we look up to famous bloggers as if they are Kings And Queens. With all due respect, that's stupid. I can say that out loud because I'm guilty of the same crime. I was so obsessed with my favorite bloggers and their success that I failed to take action on my own blog.

I only provided 3 techniques (which happen to be free and easy) to test your commitment. I want to see how willing you are to personally get your hands dirty by doing old-fashioned hard work. Forget about VA's and mentors for a second, let's focus on you.

If you're so busy chasing after people and having people chase you, how in the world are you going to be the one discovering new and effective ways of growing a blog and earning more money?

 Let me tell you something, for as long as you are focused on what other people are doing, you'll never be the one coming up with new and effective techniques.
All your time will be spent watching those famous bloggers get bigger and richer while you fiddle your thumbs waiting for their new strategies.

This doesn't have to be your fate! You have the power to change everything and I'm not saying this with the intention of sounding philosophical. If you take immediate action and constantly implement techniques, new and effective ways of growth will knock at your door (first).

When it does, you'll be the one people are watching.

Start by promoting your blog with these extremely personal techniques. If you do, I won't have to ever answer this question again because you will know first hand why these techniques work.

They work because YOU WORK! 

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