5 Ways Bloggers Can Eliminate Distraction And Get More Done Every Day

For the most part, blogging requires an immense amount of self-discipline. Unlike a traditional business, the responsibility to keep the wheels of your blogging business moving rests solely on your shoulders.

If you don't work, the blog doesn't work. Quote that line because it's pure gold. On a side note, if you're looking for a step-by-step guide on how to treat your blog like a business, take a look at this post I wrote.

Distractions are plentiful. There are days when I fire up Google with the intention of getting some real work done on my blog but I end up sidetracked by YouTube or other websites. 

You could install browser restrictive software but if you truly have no self-discipline, none of those tools work.

With a huge problem on my hands and money being lost by wasting time, I decided to catch to shake things up and figure out ways to eliminate distractions when working.

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1. Drop The Unessential

You know what these are, right? Every one of us has that one-or-two time killing habits that we indulge every 10-15 minutes.

I have the weird habit of jumping from article to article on income reports. They motivate me! The problem with this habit is that I keep knocking myself out of the zone, making it difficult to get more work done in less time.

A single blog post that ought to take me an hour or two max drags on for the entire day.
That's horrible! I know that I can write 1500 words an hour but because I keep indulging myself with unnecessary information, my brain gets overloaded and I can't work efficiently.

Rather than ponder over how to work around this problem, I eliminated it and you should too.
If something doesn't serve your goals and detracts from progress, cut it out. Don't waste precious time trying to work around negative unessential habits. Drop them!

2. Work At The Same Time Everyday

While we're on the topic of habits, when you do something every day without fail, it becomes a habit.
As time marches on, environments, feelings, senses and thoughts become familiar. 

When your mind and body gets used to a particular activity at the same time every day, you won't be able to do anything else at that time without thinking about blogging.

That's what I've done in my life. The hours between. 12am - 4pm belong only to blogging.

About 3 weeks into this system, my ability to write posts, design headers and edit those posts has skyrocketed.

Blogging between those hours is a habit right now but in the near future, I'm more than certain it will become an obsession!

You won't find me complaining about that :D


3. Structure Everything With A Timeline

I've noticed that distractions are a problem when people work with a flexible schedule.

If you're like me and think that working when you feel like is an effective strategy, you're mistaken. Motivation and inspiration are far too erratic to rely on. 

I mean, who the hell even feels like working?!

A structure is essential for long-term productivity. Given that we are creatures of habit, a structured blogging strategy that covers every task you intend on completing at specific times will keep you accountable!

Start by writing down your monthly goals. Break them down into daily actions. Assign a specific time for each daily task. Stick to the schedule and reap the rewards.

Don't give your brain the chance to stray in thought and even think about anything else.

4. Work In Quiet Environments 

Like most people, I think about working at coffee shops and malls too.

A change of scenery and the fresh smell of coffee seems blatantly ideal for any writer or blogger but as it turns out, it's not an environment conducive to laser focus and hard work. 

To limit distractions, it's best to work in a quiet place where people and surroundings do not constantly remind you of the world and everything happening around you. 

Just the thought of other people having fun and socializing is enough to knock me out of the zone and into a distracted and procrastinating state.

If you find yourself reacting in a similar way as me, opt for a comfortable, well lit, well ventilated and quiet place to be one with your thoughts. 

5. Blog With Purpose

What are you trying to achieve by blogging? 

I'm not talking about monetary goals. I want to know what your purpose is for getting up in the morning or staying up late at night to run your fingers over the keyboard and craft a solid blog post?

Money is a great motivator but it can be destructive and defeating when you can't acquire it during the early stages of any new business or project. 

Purpose, however, is a force to be reckoned with. Stinking rich men have parted with loads of money just to pursue a more fulfilling purpose. 

A purpose brings meaning to your life as well as others. As bloggers, our primary objective is to provide something to people. When what we provide to others syncs with our purpose for blogging, things blow up and ridiculous fulfillment is experienced. 

In such conditions, it's safe to assume that defeat and distractions are impossible. 

If you can truly figure out a reason beyond materialistic items as to why you are blogging, distractions and disturbances will NEVER get the better of you. Mark my words!

This is real advice that I've learned through shocking failure and unsurprising success in my own attempts at blogging.

I really want to see you succeed as much as I do. So please, listen to what I have to say. Find a purpose for blogging and latch onto it! 

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