How The 10x Rule Applies To Blogging In 2017

I'm a sucker for self-development and hustle hacks. It's in my nature as I've tried my hand at many different crafts and businesses since I was 15 years old.
Although I live half way across the world, even I'm aware of the glorious Silicon Valley and the great minds that have built Billion dollar companies.

A rule that is famously known to inspire rapid growth (and perhaps originated in Silicon Valley) is the 10x rule. If you haven't read the book on this rule, I would highly recommend picking up a copy for yourself over the weekend.

It's empowering.

Nevertheless, ever since applying the 10x rule to my life, I've noticed a tremendous increase of results. These results are not just limited to business but have been appearing in my fitness, spiritual and craft goals.

I was able to lose twice the weight in a few weeks as compared to before applying the 10x rule. From 2000 words I'm now averaging at 11000 words a day and I've published every single day across 3 different blogs.

That's insane! I've never been this productive in my entire life.

Sure, I've written extensively about self-development, time-management, and productivity but no rule ever created such an attitude adjustment within me as this one.

The truth of the matter is that the 10x rule offers very little in terms of formulaic actions but renders a psychological shift that can trigger a boost in productivity and results like never before. Some may even go so far as to call this a placebo effect but thankfully for me, I'm not one of those people.

What Is The 10x Rule?

Set a goal, identify an average output requirement and over deliver.
Here's my oversimplified explanation of the 10x rule - Do 10 times more than what is expected from you and what others are currently doing.
If the average person exercises 2 times a week for 15 minutes, exercise 6 times a week for 45 minutes (working out 20 times a week would be madness). If the average salesperson makes 10 cold calls a day, you should aim for 100. 

Simple enough, right?

It may seem blatantly obvious and it kind of is. But, so many of us over-expect, underperform and underachieve. Not because we are incapable but because in a battle of thoughts, we deem ourselves unfit for producing more effort than the next person, without any logical justification.

Analysis by paralysis, mental burnout, low self-esteem or whatever you want to call it, these thoughts can be damaging and preventative of success. 

The 10x rule offers you a strict guideline that aids in fixing the above-mentioned issues. If your brain churns out self-depreciating thoughts that limit your potential, act in contrast to those thoughts and do 10 times more than your average expected output.

Check out this summary of the 10X rule book.

This is not an exercise to inflate the results you expect!

Expectations often lead to disappointment because most of us think about best case scenarios even when we output average work. Ideally, your goal remains the same but the expected production is bumped up by 10x.

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How Does The 10x Rule Apply To Blogging In 2017?

As you're well aware of, blogging is insanely huge. Competition is stiff and it's getting harder and harder to build a super popular blog.

There's a learning curve ahead of most people and obstacles that are aimed at weeding out the money hungry from the hard workers. Think about it for a second, a few years ago Google Sandbox wasn't even on our radar.

People were slapping together sites and ranking highly on Google within 2 - 3 months. Nowadays, you're in the Sandbox for upwards of 6 months and even then it's still no walk in the park to grow huge.

That's obviously the case if you follow the ridiculous advice people are promoting online.

I recently read an article from an old-time blogger who states that you don't have to really blog weekly. Ironically, that same blogger is publishing 2 - 3 posts a week and guest posting on a bunch of other blogs. 

If you want to grow a blog, your best bet is to apply the 10x rule. Churn out more high-quality content than expected from you, market those posts like a mad person and read as often as you can.

Those 3 essential actions, when acted upon using the 10x rule, can bring about the most results in blogging. Fuse the 80/20 rule with the 10x rule and nothing will stop you from growing at an exponential rate.

So, in 2017, don't be wasting your time on balanced blogging. Dipping your feet into 10 social networking sites and publishing 1 article a week isn't going to get you the results you desire. Instead, choose 2 social networking sites to obsess over, use the saved time from abandoning the other social networking sites to write more content and make your presence known.

Over To You

It's 11:53 pm, I've just finished writing this post (my 2nd blogging post for the day) and I'm about to get started on my 3rd. Apart from that, I've written a separate 1500+ word article for another blog, designed a bunch of images and edited some of my book content.

Now that you have an understanding of how the 10x rule works, get the hell out of here and build yourself a massive blog.

If I can put in this kind of work using the 10x rule, it may be time for you to ditch the TV shows or whatever it is you're doing to procrastinate and start working your ass off.

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