9 Sizzling Hot Ways To Get More Traffic To Your Blog

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The entire point of blogging in 2017 is to get more traffic.

More traffic translates into more subscribers, more money and more growth. If you are extremely serious about blogging and view it as more than a way to pass time, you should 100% be searching for new and effective ways of increasing the number of visitors that land on your page.

But, "new and effective" are not necessarily one and the same thing.

I always seek out new ways of building better backlinks or attracting more visitors from social networking sites but that doesn't always prove to be effective. Some of these new techniques stay viable for short bursts of time before they burn out.

Effective techniques for getting more traffic to your blog may require implementing techniques that have been around for over 7 years. I understand the importance of fundamentals and by the end of this article, you will, too.

Now that we've cleared that up, I want to dig into 9 ways to get more traffic to your blog that is effective and doable. 

Ways To Get More Traffic To Your Blog

1. Publish Content DailyDespite popular belief, publishing content daily is a superb way of bringing in more visitors. For one, over time, more content results in more search engine traffic from long tail keywords.

Apart from that, I feel like it gives you an edge over other new bloggers, especially if you implement proper marketing strategies. Speaking of marketing, have you checked out my article on 15 marketing habits every entrepreneur should practice? You should, it's really good!
If you have an abundance of content and the commitment to publish a blog post daily, go for it. Just think about longevity. I can keep up with writing a blog post a day because I do this full time. Writing content is my job.

Think about it and make the best decision for you but I recommend publishing content daily.

2. Train Your Readers To Share Content - People are teachable. If you give them valuable content, by placing options in front of them and asking them to act in a specific way, many of them will.

Start by training your readers to share your content between 3 main social networks. I'm going to employ the same technique on this blog as I have on my other blogs. Too many options and people choose none. So, limit the choices your readers have to make.

After the best portions of your post, ask readers to share it. It's non-intrusive and a reasonable ask. Last but certainly not least, add shareable quotes and images to your big posts. People share things that are motivating (at this point, it's a trend that never dies) and they especially share quotes by people they idolize.

Pick a few relatable quotes for each topic and throw them in at suitable points in your post with a note for them to share it

3. Target Those Low Competition Questions From Around The Web - When people use google, they do so to find an answer for a question or to update themselves on a particular topic. Questions make up a huge part of every single blog.

This post provides an answer to the question of how to get more traffic. Similarly, a post about getting six pack abs answers multiple questions on weight loss, diet and exercise.

If you head over to forums or sites like quora and Reddit, ample questions by real people are at your disposal. These communities are highly active and highly susceptible to sharing and visiting pages by people who leave valuable answers to question.

Find questions, answer them honestly, write a post on your blog answering the question on those forums in detail and redirect those readers to your site. Works every time!

4. Obsess Over Facebook Or Pinterest As A Source Of Traffic - I don't care what others say, in my experience, Facebook and Pinterest have been the greatest source of traffic I've received from all social networking sites.

Twitter is a waste of time because the CTR is putrid, G+ is good but I haven't been able to warm up to it for quite some time, Instagram is leaning more towards a content-based social networking which brands are using to speak to their existing audience rather than convert them and Snapchat is pointless.

5. Write The Most Popular Comments On Trending Or Latest Topics - Comments may not be as useful for backlinks as they once were but its usefulness in terms of marketing has grown over the years.

People engage in deep conversations on blog posts more often than not. This has proven to be an effective way of creating awareness of your blog and brand. All you have to do is follow a system of writing valuable comments that appeal to people.

Don't spam! Be insightful, honest and engaging.

6. Use Backlinko's Strategies To Get Backlinks - I know my specialties and I'm also quite aware of my downfalls. There's no need for me to pretend like I'm a master of SEO when I can simply redirect you to a blog that has expert level information on building backlinks.

From guestographics to the skyscraper technique, Backlinko offers it all. Master the principles behind these techniques and put them into effect

7. Don't Be Everywhere, Be The Most Active Within A Specific Audience - In 2017, the idea of being everywhere is simply a bad idea, especially if you are working alone.

Like most bloggers, I don't have a team behind me or a bunch of virtual assistants at my beck and call. Trying to be everywhere is the exact same as being a jack of all trades and a master of none. The better approach is to pick a particular audience, identify where they hang out and dial in your marketing schemes to those places. 

Your results will be staggering when you focus on the right audience on the right platforms.

8. Stop Wasting Peoples Time - Imagine visiting a restaurant that promises to deliver the best pizza on the block. You make the trip and upon entrance, the pizza place looks horrible. The decor sucks and the place is untidy. In hopes of getting an amazing pizza, you decide to stick around despite your reservations.

Then, after ordering, you receive what looks like a boring over baked pizza. You take a bite and guess what, the base is too doughy and the sauce is overly tangy. Rather than this being the best pizza on the block, it's the most mediocre pizza on the block.

You're unhappy and vow to never return. The experience may have been so bad that you leave on a bad note airing how disappointed you are.

This is what it's like for visitor who lands on a page in hopes of receiving epic stuff only to be shortchanged by an ugly looking site with cheap and boring articles that have ads plastered all around. They will leave and NEVER return.

Don't waste people's time just to make a quick buck. At the very least, make sure you deliver what you promise in regards to content. If you have a free download, make sure it's a free download and not hidden behind a cheap crappy survey aimed at earning you a buck or two.

9. Practice Every Single One Of These Techniques RELIGIOUSLY - Consistency. The unspoken rule of success has become a primary reason for why most bloggers fail.

Blogging is an uphill battle. There's loads of work and always room for improvement. But, for as long as you are consistent in applying the techniques mentioned above, you will see an improvement in traffic.

It's not a question of luck but a matter of fact. If you put in the work to build a popular blog, you will accomplish that dream. Envision it, take action and simply don't quit. Most people take a year to build a successful blog but that doesn't mean results appear suddenly at the end of a year.

You will see gradual growth as the weeks go by. Use that as motivation to keep practicing these techniques every single day.

Share Your Thoughts
Those are my list of fundamental techniques for growing my blog's traffic. I hope you found these tips to be useful! Now, I'd love for you to share the traffic building techniques you have had success with by using the comment section below. 

As always, keep on keeping on!

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