6 Ways To Make Your Boring Blog Posts More Engaging And Intriguing

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At the core of every successful blog is engaging content that both readers and search engines love.

You see, fancy headers, catchy designs and high backlink profile mean absolutely nothing if you don't have content that grips people and encourages them to take action.

The kind of action they take depends on your goals. 
Do you want people to share your content? Or, perhaps your goal is to make money through affiliate marketing? Whatever it may be, the content you provide has to be in tip-top shape.

I consider myself to be somewhat of an expert in creating content. I've worked with multiple inbound marketing agencies and written articles on topics you wouldn't even care to imagine. From all my experience, I've come to learn one simple lesson that translates into all my work - Don't Be BORING! 

It's obvious, I know. But, trust me, being entertaining and engaging doesn't' come naturally to most writers.

Consistent effort to open up and expose yourself as an individual is uncomfortable. In your time as a blogger, you will have to embrace the discomfort of exposing your way of thinking to the entire world. 

Now, let's crack open this treasure chest full of valuable information on writing blog posts that are engaging.

 Ways To Make Your Boring Blog Posts More Engaging

1. Write For A Specific Audience

You can try to please everyone but the result of that foolish errand is content that lacks an opinion, personality, and disagreements.

Look, you can't make everyone happy but you can certainly build a close circle of people who support and propel you into success if you cater to them.

Find a specific crowd, identify what resonates with them, solve their problems and build a relationship with them. You'll have no issue with developing blog posts that blow their minds. 

As you learn about your target audience, it becomes easier to identify content they enjoy and feel engaged with. 

2. Talk About How YOU Feel

People respect people who stand up for what they believe in. If you bottle up how you feel, no one will know until you explode and ruin all your chances of success.

At the end of the day, your feelings will resonate with many readers. Their frustration may just be your frustration and your fondness may just be theirs. This creates a relationship, a rapport, which simply cannot be ignored.

Your blog is a digital representation of who YOU are. Make it known when you love or hate something.

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3. Critically Analyze Content

What does it mean to be critical? It certainly doesn't require you to be bias nor does it entail unnecessarily harsh opinions.

To critically analyze, you must be able to decipher between pros and cons. We do this in our heads all the time. When you consider publishing a post, you think about all the reasons for and against it. In blogging, all you have to do is transfer those pros and cons onto paper.

We go to the trouble of critically analyzing something so that our readers don't have to. They can simply read our posts and make a worthwhile decision.

4. Make It Look SEXY

To engage also means to attract. It's not just about throwing together pictures and videos and expecting people to go gaga over your work.

Attractive content is engaging. Take a look at this post by RankXL, everything about it is beautiful. From the combination of lists and summaries to the variety of super relevant imagery and colors, it's built to engage people on a visual level.

In the world of dating, people show interest in someone they find attractive. They fall inlove when that attractive person turns out to have an attractive personality.

When writing a blog post, attract readers with a beautifully constructed post and make them fall inlove with the quality of your message.

5. Spice Up Your Headlines

Copywriters believe that most people decide whether or not to read an article in under 30 seconds. The first and most important factor is the headline.

A bold, intriguing and well-written headline is a prerequisite to blogging. I'll be honest, I'm not the best at coming up with superb headlines very quickly. It takes quite a bit of time and wordplay before I settle with something special.

Use emotive, descriptive and powerful words like the examples below:


6. Ask Questions

The purpose of every book, article and blog post is to answer a question, right? But, in the time it takes you to answer one question, should you be inspiring more questions within your readers?

I believe so.

Well, of course I do, given that this section began with questions. All blogs posts are merely conversations. One sided conversations are boring but when you engage the reader as if you are speaking to them one-on-one, the doors of communication open.

For this simple reason, successful bloggers who ask questions have thriving comment sections whilst others barely see more than a trickle of comments.

What Do You Think?

Are these 6 requirements exhaustive or do you have a list of your own techniques that convert those boring posts into exciting and engaging posts?

I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comment section below. 

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