5 Critical Factors To Consider Before Developing A Daily Routine

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Routines are unavoidable and yet so many make rash decisions under the impression that it comes without consequences.

Why is that the case? Why is that we fall into a deep and dark pit built on a daily routine we never planned for?

Perhaps the answer can be found in the question itself - A lack of planning.

It should come as no surprise that a lack of results and a massive amount of failure can be attributed to the daily routine we practice.

With that being said, I would like you to break free from a routine that does nothing but destroys your goals and consider these 5 critical factors before developing a new routine.

What I can assure you about these 5 factors is that they are centered around maximizing growth and promoting personal efficiency.

Let's take on the day and indulge ourselves in progressive actions!

1. Does It Correlate With My Yearly Goals?

At the end of the day, daily actions amount to yearly results. If your objectives for the day don't contribute towards the realization of your top 5 goals in the areas of Finance, Fitness and Love, you might have to reanalyze and redesign your daily routine.

What's the point of making certain activities a part of your routine if they provide no value to your life and goals?! 

Stick with a routine that promotes growth over instant gratification. You'll be shocked at how much you are able to accomplish when decisions aren't made sporadically and in the heat of the moment.

2. Do I Have The Funds Readily Available To Develop This New Routine?

It's all good and well that we have the intention to workout at an exclusive Gym or buy takeout food to avoid cooking at home but can you actually afford to? 

Look for alternatives because peace of mind is usually directly tied to financial stability. Purchase an at-home workout program if you can't afford to pay for gym fees or make the time to cook food at home! 

Live below your means so that you never find yourself in financial turmoil.

3. Can You Keep At It For Longer Than 4 Weeks?

I love people who show initiative and seek out hard work but only in so far as it doesn't mess up your life in other key areas. 

So many people around me are falling seriously ill due to the lifestyle choices they make on a daily basis. 

Not everyone has the physical ability to be a workaholic! It's not going to be worth your time to work 16 hours if you find yourself in a hospital or with a chronic painful illness. Weigh your options and strive for long-term success.

4. Does Your Routine Take Rest And Socializing Into Account?

Work hard, by all means, work as hard as you can but rest because you need it! Like I mentioned above, your mind, body and soul is a gift that deserves to be cherished. 

No person can live as an island to themselves. We need to have somewhat of a social life to laugh and recover from all the hard work we engage in during the day. 

Keep a slot open in the evening to spend quality time with your family, significant other and friends.

5. Last But Not Least, Is It Worth Your Time And Effort?

Is what you plan on doing every day Good for you? I want you to really think about it and comment below whether your daily routine is built around what makes you happy or what makes other people happy. 

Everything you do should come from a place of self-upliftment and positivity.

Just because John is a bodybuilder who spends 3 hours in the gym every day doesn't mean you need to do the same thing. 30 minutes may be all you need to be fit, healthy and sexy as a lean and mean machine. 

Build a routine that makes YOU feel truly and unconditionally happy and positive. Do that and you'll never fail to maintain it. That's a personal guarantee!

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