How To Stop Daydreaming And Start Living The Life You Dream About

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Change is a brutal endeavor for someone who experiences the joys of life only in his head. Far too often I hear stories of people who wish they had lived the life they dreamed about instead of just imagining it.

We either wait for the stars to align and circumstances to play in our favor before we think about living a fulfilling life. In the meantime, we wait and bide our time by daydreaming.

In school, I had a huge crush on a girl and instead of telling her how I felt, I daydreamed about a version of my life where she knew how I felt and we were together. 

It extended to many more aspects of my life. After a few years, the reality of the situation dawned on me and it was an absolutely traumatic wake-up call. 

Guess what?

Circumstances are barely ever perfect, if ever. The stars don't align and your daydreams will remain nothing more than a figment of your imagination UNLESS you simply start taking action on those amazing things you want to do and experience.

Listen, f*** what others tell you about being perfect. You don't have to be the best writer in the world to write a book. You don't have to be ripped to workout in the weight section at the gym. You don't need glowing perfect porcelain skin in order to impress a girl or guy. 

You don't need anything besides the desire to be happy.

It's not an easy task breaking through mental barriers but it's not impossible. Besides, nothing valuable comes easy in life. Usually, good things are hard to come by. You have to hustle and fight to grab onto a life that is even better than your daydreams.

I read somewhere that the brain is not built for happiness. It doesn't give a damn about living life to the fullest or being happy. It wants to keep you locked away in a safe and super comfortable space for the rest of your life until you die. 

For your brain, especially a brain chained with anxiety and insecurities, it wants to trick you into thinking that living a complacent life is what you need to survive.

Your brain is lying to you and I forcefully do the opposite of what my brain tricks me into believing.

When my brain highlights thoughts of sitting on a couch eating cake, I disobey my brain and get up to exercise. When it tricks me into thinking that I should take a break from work, I work 10 minutes overtime. When it fools me into thinking that I don't look good and I should stay at home, I dress up the best I can and go to a social event

This rebellious streak is a conscious effort on my part to break free from the mental shackles that keep me bound. I know my brain is messing with my happiness so I do what my gut feels is right for me.

If you can emulate that behavior, you'd be surprised at how often your brain is lying to you and a lot of your thoughts aren't your own but are infected by insecurities, anxiety and depression.

Challenge yourself to prove your brain wrong. It will tell you to be lazy or that you'll fail but go ahead and try anyway. Don't listen to it when it's infected by negative influences and watch you much fun you'll have in life.

Eventually, your brain will rewire and most of those negative and restrictive thoughts will slow down and gradually disappear. They will be replaced by positive thoughts!

Watch people selectively. This is a very important point. When in doubt, we usually seek other people's opinions or experiences. If you find yourself reading the wrong article, watching the wrong story or listening to the wrong person, they could insert thoughts of doubt and failure into your head.

Their words and actions may cause doubt in whether you should or can live the life you dream about. Always remember, another man's failure is not your own!

I'm not telling you to stop looking at other people's stories or listening to their advice but I'll advise you to choose such people carefully.

Obsess over the people who are living the dream life and succeeding rather than those who aren't. 

Lastly, make small but noticeable changes. You don't have to turn your entire life upside down - I didn't. Start with small but noticeable changes. Go for a 20-minute jog, write a few pages, sign up for cooking classes, take a walk on the beach, build something small, plant some seeds and whatever else your daydream life consists of.

Tick off the items on your dream life one by one. Eventually, you'll be sipping juice from a freshly cut pineapple while bathing under the tropical sun in Hawaii!

Small steps add up into giant leaps. 

In a few weeks or few months, you could be living the dream life you spent years imagining about.

You are all that it takes to live that dream life.  

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