The #1 Key To Success In A Competitive World

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Everyone wants to live the high life. Big money, larger than life accomplishments and self-control beyond the average person's wildest imagination.

To live such a life, one hopes and dearly prays that somehow they get lucky.

Like a competition, you may just wish really hard that your dream life falls into your hands.

The unfortunate reality is that unlocking success and living a great life has very little to do with luck or talent. On the contrary, talent has little do with success. The formula for success is less complex and incredibly simple.

Simple but not easy.

Conor Mcgregor, a world champion in the sport of MMA and one of the most infamously celebrated stars in sport doesn't believe that talent plays a vital role in success.
According to 'The Infamous One', hard work is the only key to success. He strongly believes that all humans are created the same and we all have the same potential. 
What separates the average man from a winner, from the successful, is pure hard work in an obsessive manner. 

You can easily dream to be successful, you could possess more talents than your fellow man and you may even be more skillful but hard work in an obsessive manner will always win in a competitive world.

Obsession is a strange thing. It's almost like an addiction but better. Being obsessed has fewer Highs and Lows - it's more constant. Rather than going through bouts of motivation to work and then falling low with bouts of depression, obsession promotes a standard of work that is consistent regardless of feelings.

You don't need an alarm clock or a to-do list to get work done. It comes naturally to you. Nothing else is on your mind besides your work. You will wanna get better and you will always be chasing a new record.

Think about when you were a kid and your Mum shouted at you for being obsessed with a game. She would complain about how you can spend all day playing that game to the extent of even forgetting to eat food. All you could think about was doing what you were doing in that moment and that moment went on for hours upon hours without break.

That, my dear friend, is how an obsession works.

Now, imagine what you could accomplish if you became obsessed with achieving a goal. The sky is your limit.

Success is simple. You can literally turn your life around even if you've failed for decades. How? By becoming obsessed with a goal or purpose. Or rather, becoming obsessed with hard work.

Obsession cannot and should not be split between multiple goals. If you really want to achieve a particular goal, it becomes your one and only priority all day for as long as it takes to succeed.

Sacrifice most things that waste your time and energy and watch how you will gradually become obsessed with something. Think about it often. Think about working on it, work on it, finish up work and then think about working on it some more.

Do this day after day and I guarantee you, hard work will become an obsession. And anyway, most of us are obsessed with things already (things that offer shit to our dreams). We might as well transfer that obsession to something more fruitful and meaningful.

Pick one thing, make the decision to only focus on that one thing, work and think about it all day and night.


Now go!

Get obsessed with working hard on your biggest goal. 

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