Things Successful People Do Differently Than Unsuccessful People

To be the best, you must become the best.

When it comes to being successful, the road to success is one built on hard work, perseverance, undying commitment and discomfort.

Most things in life are unplanned and unexpected.

You can only walk the path of a parent by becoming a parent. Until then, you are merely planning in the dark. The same holds true for starting a business.

Until you have converted plans into execution, you're nothing more than an idea and a potential business.

There's no saying what lies ahead.

However, a fundamental way to maneuver yourself in life when the unexpected occurs is to study, adapt and integrate the blueprints of those who have already figured out the route to success.

In this post, I am going to share with you all the most important things successful people do differently than unsuccessful people.

1. They Establish Themselves As The Best

If you want to be number 1, you have to work to be number 1.

It's a simple math equation.

It's ironic that we are focusing on successful people when in reality, successful people focus on being successful whereas unsuccessful people focus on them.

However, I believe this is a necessary step in order for people like you and I to observe the vast difference between our habits and those of successful people in our respective field of work. (check out this article on 3 common habits that contribute to failure the most)

In terms of blogging, I am well aware of blogs like and who are capable of producing insightful articles on a daily basis without fail.

For me to reach their level of success, I have to not only be like them but I have to surpass them. If they publish 2 articles a day, I must publish 3 articles a day. If they are writing 1000 word articles daily, I must write 1500 word articles daily.

You get the idea, right?

Successful people are capable of pushing themselves to surpass others and their own abilities.

Today they're capable of writing 1000 words but tomorrow they're shooting for 1200 words and so on. This constant shift upwards is a surefire way to becoming the best in your field.

Nobody else can come close to competing with someone who is obsessed with getting better and being the best.

They'll try but they will fall short in so far as you are consistent in improving and multiplying your efforts on a daily basis without fail.

2. They're Brutally Honest With Themselves

You can only grow if you are enlightened by shortcomings.

I understand that in the past, my track record of sticking to something for a long period of time is poor. This is my downfall. I'm infamously known for suffering from the shiny object syndrome.

My reason for not being where I want to be is primarily caused by my own lack of consistency and dedication to mastering one thing.

If I continued to be blinded by this truth, my future would be plastered with a barrage of uncompleted goals and dreams.

The first step is to be brutally honest with yourself about shortcomings and attributes that prevent you from succeeding. The second step and the most important step is to take action contrary to those shortcomings.

You either win or you learn. There's no such thing as failure for as long as you continue to try. So, when things don't work out, identify the reason and then learn from your mistakes.

3. They're Willing To Get Dirty To Master Their Craft

I'm not advising you to just do one thing every single day but I've come to realize that it takes a significant amount of time to build something great.

If your thoughts, efforts and actions are scattered between multiple things, the likelihood of you mastering something specific is slim.

Success in any particular thing or field is defined by obsession and hard work coupled with talent and consistency.

The man or woman capable of obsessing over writing mystery novels is more likely of reaching a bestseller status than one who writes for just an hour a week on any random topic.

In keeping with the same example, the individual who writes daily is bound to learn incredibly faster and better than the individual who spends a measly hour writing every week.

Pick one super major thing, obsess over mastering it and dedicate as much of your efforts towards that one thing. This principle goes hand in hand with the 80/20 principle. Out of all your actions, slim down to just one big action that could change your entire life and bring the most results.

Obsess over that one thing and reap the rewards!

To learn more on this principle, check out this book - The One Thing.

4. They Learn Like Hungry Novices

Structures and establishments are forever changing. Their adaptation and development are not dependent on one singular strategy or theory. Development is often a manifestation of multiple influences.

An athlete competing at a high level develops himself in multiple areas of his life.

Form, strategy, physicality, psychology, and diet are all facets that influence the rate and level of development of an athlete.

You must always learn as much new and inventive techniques of improvement. If you're entering a situation and completely writing off a different ideology simply because you think your way is the best way, you're not allowing yourself to explore and grow.

Enter your domain as a hungry novice. Size up your competitors, learn from their successes and mistakes, cherry pick their best of habits and learn as if you are always chasing gold.

Don't wish something was easier. Wish that you were better!

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