My Goals For July 2017

They say that only people with a strong mind are courageous enough to share their intentions out loud. 

For a very long time, I shied away from sharing my goals online because I believe that subconsciously, I didn't want to be held accountable.

Being transparent doesn't allow me to hide behind excuses or complacency and trust me, I'm so damn guilty of this. I could sell sand to an Arab if it meant hiding away from the shit I need to get done. Look, big goals are daunting! I know that and so do you! But that has never been a problem I've had to deal with.

This phase is weirdly foreign to me. If you asked me to describe myself in one word based on the last 7 years, it would be WORKHORSE!  And yet, here I am. 

I'm not going to pretend as if I'm this life coach who has everything figured out. I don't! The only things I have going for me is a desire to learn and a hunger to be successful. 

This is as honest as I can possibly be. 

I absolutely love what I do. I'm damn passionate about writing and sharing practical information with you but that doesn't always translate into actionable advice in my own life. 

In the spirit of being transparent and vulnerable, I'm not afraid to admit that I've battled with lethargy, laziness, and complacency these last 2 - 3 months. But, I swear to God, this post is my first attempt breaking free from the prison I've built around my mind.

I know how dramatic that sounds but there really isn't a better way to explain it. I used to be the guy who worked 16 hour days on my goals (often waking up at 8 am and working until 2 am)! Now, huge chunks of my day are unaccounted for.

That's the biggest drawback of tasting some success in life. 

If you don't move forward in life and pursue new challenges, it's easy to fall into a deep dark rut. I don't care how accomplished or successful you are, this applies to you too. 

Just because you're killing it right now doesn't guarantee you will in the future unless there is a constant and consistent pursuit of challenges on your part. 

Follow me over the next 30 days as I 100% attempt to radically transform myself back into a workhorse. 

My List Of Goals For July 2017

1. Blog Every Day From Monday to Friday 

2. Workout 5 Times A Week And Lose 3 Kg's (current weight is 74kgs)

3. Read 1 Non-Fiction Book A Week On Business Management, Marketing, Writing Or Efficiency. 

4. Touch No Added Sugar For 30 Days Straight

5. Improve My Ability To Write Fiction From 500 - 1000 Words An Hour

Those are my 5 core goals for the month. I haven't included my business goals within this post because those are non-negotiable. I have absolutely no problem with getting that stuff done. But, at the end of the day, we are more than just beings of business. Sooner or later, I know that my work will suffer if I don't fix myself. 

When indirectly related problems occur in your life, expect other parts of you to be affected. 

Not everyone is capable of separating their work persona from their normal self. Perhaps you shouldn't have to. But you sure as hell have to make sure both versions of yourself are in peak condition or both will eventually fall into turmoil.

Anyway, my apologies if this post has a bit of tough love attached to it or a sense of negativity. I'm just trying to be tough on myself and it has clearly affected the way I'm thinking and writing. 

It's all good though! We're hustling and breaking down barriers until we find great success! Sometimes, we need a big of a reality check to catch a wake up. 

Before leaving, share your goals in the comment section below! Hold yourself accountable by letting the world know what you want to accomplish! 

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